American Utility Tax & Audit Corp - AUTA

AUTA specializes in ensuring that your business is being charged the lowest sales tax rate allowed on your utility accounts. We "find you money and save you money" by reducing sales tax and obtaining refunds for your company - all according to your state's guidelines. The utility accounts that fall under the exemption rules are natural & propane gas, electricity, and, in some states, water. 

"I recommend their services to anyone looking to save on utility costs."

Kyle Schade, VP of Finance, Americare Senior Living

What AUTA does NOT do:

AUTA does not process energy rebates, negotiate rates, sub-meter, or process monthly payments. Our service normally does not interfere with any existing contracts that may be in place with energy management companies who provide these services.


"Their work was thorough and professional."

Carlos Helu, Asset Manager, Eagle Property Capital

Our Expertise is Evident

The states that allow utility sales tax exemptions are continually updating or reinterpretating their guidelines.  At AUTA we stay in contact with the various Department of Revenues and the larger utility companies to be up-to-date on these governing guidelines.


Recouping your overpaid sales tax is similar to filing your individual income tax returns. The state may owe you a refund but unless filed, your overpayment stays in the State's hands.


At AUTA, outstanding service is at the heart of everything we do. Our expertise is evident through every step of the exemption and refund process. AUTA consultants work behind the scene to cause as little interruption to your company's routine as possible.


Over the years, we have earned a reputation for excellence in the field of energy sales tax consulting.  Our unparalled service, backed by experience and expertise, sets us apart from all other energy sales tax consulting companies. 

"At RHF we appreciate the quick results AUTA has generated and we highly recommend their service."

Stuart Hartman, VP of Operations, Retirement Housing Foundation